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The List of Essentials for New Kittens

Aug 16, 2021

Congrats on bringing home a new friend! Here is the list of essentials to prepare for your kitten:

1. Establish a base camp with scent soakers for your cat

Base camp is a space that they can positively soak with their scent, allowing your cat to rub up against things to make them their own at a safe distance so that they will feel secure in the new environment. Prepare some scent soakers around the house would be helpful for your cat to get used to your place. Scent soakers are the soft things that they can leave their scent on by rubbing their body on it or pawing at it, such as pillows, blankets, and soft pads (with different shapes and sizes). When they are interacting with scent soakers, they are claiming territory in a very positive way.

2. Food and water bowls

We recommend using either a ceramic or stainless steel bowl or glass Pyrex as a food bowl. Make sure you avoid plastic bowls because plastic is porous, which could lead to germs and bacteria. That's also the most common place where cats get chin acne from. Having running water for cats is also important. Cats prefer drinking from running water, so they need a fountain as well. Again, cat fountains that are made primarily of ceramic or glass, or stainless steel are ideal. Running water is nice and fresh. Most cats love playing and drinking from it.

3. Litter boxes

Prepare an extra litter box for every cat you have. For example, if you bring home one cat, prepare two litter boxes. If you have two cats, use three litter boxes, and so forth. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to litter boxes. And make sure to get litter boxes of the correct size because your cat needs enough space to move around and dig with freedom. For litter, the recommendation here is to get the natural, unscented, and soft ones—cats like litter that feels like sand. Remember to keep the hood off the litter boxes because they prefer an open space. And don't forget a litter scoop for each litter box. Scoop at least once or twice a day and make sure that the litter is kept clean.

4. Food

Wet food is the preferable option if you could provide for your cat. A raw or a wet diet makes for longer life and a healthier cat and a happier cat because cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need to eat meat all the time. A grain-free wet diet is the best; raw is even better dry.

5. Scratching posts

When you first bring home your new cat, provide scratching posts of different shapes and textures to learn about their preference. There are many different kinds of surfaces you can get, such as sisal rope, carpets, bare wood, etc. Cat trees are also important; make sure to get the sturdy ones.

6. Have a place by the window for your cat

Cats are curious about the outside world, so wherever there are windows, try to have a place for your cat to sit and watch outside. They can watch the birds, the traffic and get some sunshine as well. And you can put some cat beds or cat trees by the window; anything like that will help boost your cat's confidence.

7. Toys

The best way to play is to play interactively with your cat. We recommend the one that looks like a fishing pole with a string and either a feather or some other toy at the bottom of it. Make sure that you are putting it away when you are done playing with your cat because playing with it should be a particular bonding time between the two of you. So please only take the interactive toy out of the cabinet when it's time to play. Don't let them play unsupervised with a lot of different toys because they could be dangerous. Other than that, remote toys or self play toys are also good to have.

8. Cat carriers

Carriers are significant for a cat, and they need to have a good association with their carrier. It should be like the escape hatch that they can hideaway.
Also, when you need to take them outside, they will feel safe in the carrier. Make sure it is big enough to turn around inside it, and it is not too open or too close. If you would travel with your cat one day, it's good to get an airline-friendly carrier that could go under the seat in front of you.

9. Safety

We recommend getting a breakaway collar tag for your cat. Your phone number should be on the tag, and make sure you get a breakaway collar. The collar must be a breakaway collar; if they get hung up on something when they're running, they won't choke on it. Also, if your cat doesn't come with a microchip, please get one implanted in your cat because that's the best way to find your cat if they get lost.

10. Nail trimming

It's okay to take baby steps when it comes to the process of nail trimming. Start by having a relaxing time together; then, you can touch their paws very gently. Keep feeling the paws to give them some nice and soft reassurances. Then after a while, you can start pressing on the knuckle. Repeat this process a few times; then, you can begin trimming their nails. Specialized cat nail trimmers are recommended. When you trim their nails, just make sure you take it off the tip and avoid the blood supply in pink (you can see the pink line very easily). Just start off by trimming nails once in a while to let your cat get used to it and feel positive about it.

11. Grooming brushes

All cats should be brushed. It's great for your cat, and it should feel good. It's recommended to get a few different kinds of brushes to try on your cat and see which one they like the most. And don't assume that all cats like to be brushed all over their body, so it's worth the time to start slowly and figure out their preferences.

All the above mentioned are just where to start, whether it is safety, nutrition, scent soaking, or their beds, their carrier, their scratchers, etc. It's about the beginning of a relationship between the two of you. As you go forward, you're going to get to know the preferences of the individual that you've brought into your family.