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Ways To Encourage Your Cat To Drink More Water

Sep 08, 2021

There are many reasons why a cat might stop drinking water. Some of the most common reasons are a lack of hygiene or behavioral problems from changes in their routine or the appearance of certain pathologies such as feline lower urinary tract disease, a general term for various problems with the urinary tract. This is common in domestic cats.


Stainless steel or glass dishes are recommended for water bowl because they are more germ-proofed than plastic containers. Cats love freshwater so don't forget to replace their water at least once a day. It'll also be essential to clean their bowl at least once a week.


It's important to place their freshwater somewhere accessible and clean. And make sure their water is properly separated from their litter tray and food.


Good quality water is also important. Many cats will not like their food to be soaked in water. However, some may like it when their food is enriched with flavorful stock. Don't put in too much flavoring and ensure the stock doesn't contain anything harmful to the cat, such as onions or salt.


You can distribute several containers with clean water around the home. This not only helps increase their water intake but also will help stimulate your cat’s positively appeal to the curious nature. Slow freshwater streams reflect their ancestral habitats, so installing a water fountain might help encourage them to drink more. They are ideal for cats that stay indoors or suffer from high stress levels.


Cats that consume wet foods do not need as much water because this type of food already contains around 80% of water. You can offer them half a can or a sachet to help stimulate their appetite to provide extra hydration.


We can also help stimulate our cat to drink more water by playing near the tap or faucet. This can awaken their curiosity and encourage them to drink running water, it can both hydrate the cat and strengthen our bond. If your cat's water intake has drastically decreased and does not improve with these helpful tips, we advise you to go to your trusted veterinarian to ensure your cat doesn't have any health problems.