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Why are dogs so loyal?

Aug 09, 2021

1.Dog have an awareness of what they should be doing

2.Dogs and humans co-evolved over many years

Last weekend, a two-year-old Stearns County boy wandered away from his family's home. So scary, right? But the two family dogs followed him and stayed by his side until the state patrol found them with this heat-seeking device on their helicopter. Happy ending to that story, but it had some people wondering about this good question. Why are dogs so loyal to that boy the whole time.

So let me tell you a little bit more about that story. One of the dogs with the little puppy and a spaniel dog are hunting dogs. Okay, these dogs are known for communication. One of the dogs, a little puppy, apparently stayed with the little boy two-year-old boy the entire time. The mama dog of the puppy stayed back. And one of my friends Sheriff told me that he thinks the mama dog was in protective mode. Oh, mama dog was watching the little boy and managing her puppy out there because she stayed back to watch what's going on. What she also did was barking, so Sheriff thinks they are trying to alert them. I grew up with a spaniel, and this doesn't surprise me at all. He was so protective, he would sit, and I wasn't allowed to go on the swings on the playground. Yes, he would sit there and bark until I left with him and went to the point where we couldn't bring him to the garden with us.

Amazing on many levels, right? For dogs, they have an awareness of what they should be doing. It's kind of remarkable. According to the dog behaviors that I talked with, the dog understood when your parents say “don't go there”, the dog understood, not the words, obviously, but understood their feelings. He was following what the parents were saying “you can't go on that swing”, so he kind of knew that. They knew that a two-year-old little boy wasn't supposed to be in the court. So when it comes to loyalty, were these dogs being loyal to that two-year-old? Or were they doing something else? Should we ask them? Dogs declined to count, right? So that's the thing.

The other thing that dog behaviorists said is that we don't know if these dogs are loyal. That's something that we put on. We say people are loyal, we understand loyalty, but these dogs may not understand loyalty. It may just be something we're putting on them, these judges may be doing something because that's what they want to do, so that they are loyal, even if they don't know that's going to go along with it, but you kind of find their person and they stick with it. Yeah, and they think part of it a lot of this has to do with a combination of genetics, so and also because they like being more in packs, but also how we bred them over time. So dogs and humans co-evolved over 100 million, they would probably want our food and we probably want their protection, and over time we bred them for those characteristics of being good communicators being boiled sticking around with us. These are the kinds of dogs that people prefer to buy and breed. Yeah, that was interesting. They said dogs like to be with other species than themselves, so they love being with humans. You may enjoy some time with cats, and we don't see the same. I didn't know this, but my friends told me something also really interesting about cats, which was that if cats are in the pack, they're almost always related to the other cats. Yeah, we're glad those dogs are loyal. I know it kills me well.

Cats ARE loyal, mine were proof. Sadly, they both passed and not all dogs are loyal. It depends on the pet, the human, and the bond. Honestly, some humans are just not worth being loyal to.

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